About Us

The Buddha Dhamma Mandala Society (BDMS) is dedicated to spreading the teachings of the Buddha. The Society organises talks and courses, observes and performs Buddhist celebrations, and publishes books to encourage the study and practice of Buddhism.

The motto of BDMS

Dhammo parinneyyo Know the Dhamma thoroughly

Dhammo sevitabbo Practice it fully

Dhammo desitabbo Share it generously with others

This motto encapsulated the whole direction of the Buddhist life. One can practice the Dhamma if one knows it. The more one practices, the deeper one's knowledge becomes. Sharing the Dhamma is an essential part of practising it and in sharing the Dhamma, one understands better. The mission of BDMS is to create an environment for the motto to be practised and expressed.

We welcome you to join us for our weekly and special events.